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I have always enjoyed sports - Valleyball

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I have always enjoyed sports. Ever since my first T-Ball game at age five, I have always been involved with many different sports. In the next couple of pages I am going to tell you about my favorite sport, Volleyball. After experiencing everything from individual sports such as swimming and dance, to the team sports like softball and basketball, I have found volleyball to be the most exciting and rewarding of them all.
Volleyball was invented by William Morgan at a YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) Club in 1895 at the Holyoke, Massachusetts, where he served as Director of Physical Education. He tried to blend elements of basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball to create a game for his classes of businessmen which would demand less physical contact than basketball. Morgan borrowed the net from tennis, and raised it 6 feet 6 inches above the floor, just above the average man's head. Mr. Morgan originally called the game Mintonette. After an exhibition match in 1896, a man named Alfred Halstead noticed there was a lot volleying in this game and it soon was known as Volleyball.
William Morgan was born in the state of New York and studied at Springfield College, Massachusetts. Strangely enough at Springfield, Morgan met James Naismith who invented basketball in 1891. Morgan was motivated by Naismith's game of basketball designed for younger students to invent a game suitable for the older members of the YMCA. William Morgan's basis for the new game of Volleyball was the then popular and similar German game of Faustball.
The first rules of volleyball were a lot different back then. A match lasted nine innings, comprised of three serves for each team in each inning, and there was no limit on the number of hits per side before the ball had to sail over the net. On serve, if a player didn't hit it over the net, he was allowed a second try. Also, each team could have an unlimited number of players on the court.

Michael Phelps

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The first place to start with Michael is his body. He stands 6-4 with a wingspan of nearly 80 inches. By all accounts, his frame is perfect for a swimmer. Michael understands how to use his body to its full advantage. His hands and feet are like paddles in the water, and he has an incredibly powerful kick. The butterfly is his signature stroke, but he’s shown the ability to dominate in any event. Michael’s technique is excellent, and no one works harder at it. His training regimen is grueling—two to five hours a day in the pool. He does minimal weightlifting; at this point flexibility and a feel for the water are more important to him. The leg strength Michael added during his 2007 wrist-injury rehab was evident in Beijing on his powerful turns. In the races where he trailed, he made up an extraordinary amount of time pushing off the wall. That extra power in his kick also bought him the hundredth of a second edge he needed to come from behind in the 100-meter butterfly. His physique notwithstanding, endurance may be Michael’s single greatest asset. He’s able to hold his stroke under pressure and when fatigue begins to creep in. From a mind over matter standpoint, Michael is also off the charts. His ability to relax, focus and block out the pain all at once is unique in his sport. He never seems nervous before a race, yet his intensity on the starting block is unmatched.
Michael, Growing up
Michael Phelps, the greatest all-around competitor in the history of his sport. Every time he splashes into the water he’s determined to produce a once-in-a-lifetime performance—according him rock-star status among swim fans and drawing a tidal wave of attention from the non-chlorinated world, as well. Iron Mike’s goal heading into the 2008 Olympics was to become the gold standard for aspiring champions for generations to come. He left Beijing as something substantially more than that. This is his story…

Sports Facilities

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A sport is often characterized as an activity or experience, which provides enjoyment and serves as an entertainment for the people. (Love to know) Also, sports is manner in which an individual can practice its capabilities and maximized its full potential to as a person as an athlete. Apart from this technical meaning, the importance of sports can be widely involved in different aspects in life of the person. As a recreational activity, sport has the ability to instil confidence and knowledge to an individual that is essential towards the achievement of personal goal.
In order for sports to be effective, a specific sports activity should have a descent and well maintained sports facility to provide the athletes the needed sports facilities in able to perform there reputable sports. In sports, modern facilities help the athletes to be mentally inspired in which athletes are in more enthusiasts to play their reputable sports if the sports facilities are new and updated in accordance to the new technology.
Sports facilities plays a big role in the world of sports, these sports facilities can be characterized as the actual place where the specific sport is takes part. Modern and well maintained sports facilities helps promote outstanding athletes, which is a mirror that their fundamental skills are cultivated well with its training program trough sports facilities. With better sports facilities the athletes will have a better chance to practice their skills and capabilities as a player of sports for continuous skill s development. Therefore, to developed and improved the sports facilities are important in order to improve the quality of sports and produced great athletes.

Olympics of Ancient Greece vs Modern Olympics

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The Olympic Games were found by Heracles, a Zeus’ son, even though the first with written records was held in 776 BCE. In this particular recorded first Olympic Games, Coroebus who was a cook from Elis won the sole event at the stade; which was approximately 192 meters run. He did this while naked and he was the first Olympic champion in history. The games continued to be played every four years for about 1200 years. The games were later abolished in 393 CE, by the Roman emperor named Theodosius I, who was a Christian, on the claim that the game had pagan influences. About 1500 years later, Pierre de Coubertin, a young Frenchman began the revival of these games. When in 1870 the French were defeated by the Germans in the Franco-Prussian war, Coubertin attributed the defeat to French soldiers’ lack of vigor. He studied the education of the two countries and he concluded that exercise and more specifically sports had made the Germans more vigorous and well rounded. His Idea of getting the French people interested in sport was not importantly received, but still Coubertin was persistant.In 1890, he founded Union des societies Francaises de sports Athletiques (USFSA).In 1892, he first raised the idea of reviving the Olympic Games. Later, he organized a meeting with 79 delegates representing their countries. At the meeting, he spoke and arouse interest of the revival of the games and the delegates voted for the Olympic games and they had Coubertin construct an international committee to organize the games. The committee became the International Olympic Committee with Demetrious Vikelas, a Greek, as its first president. The revival was at Athens.
There exists similarities as well as differences between Ancient and modern Olympics. In both, they have games like Javelin, Wrestling and Discuss. Events like races are there in both. Both were held after four years. In both, the winner gets an award that is not in monetary form. In both, athletes swear to play fairly.

Kobe Bryant: Legendary Basketball Player

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Kobe Bryant has made several record breaking achievement in the National Basketball Association (NBA) throughout the United States and the rest of the world. This had brought him international fame and stardom. He was the youngest player to join the professional league at 18 years old. Also, he is presently ranked number 2 as the world's greatest basketball player (Kobe-Bryant.org, “Kobe Bryant Biography”). In the short span of his career, he had received many accolades and he had also proven his worth in the basketball court.
Bryant's accomplishments can be attributed to his upbringing and his dream to make it big in the NBA. At an early age, Bryant was already aware of what sport he liked which is basketball. He incessantly practiced with his father who was a former NBA player and even beat him in some of their practice games. In high school, he transformed their basketball team into being at the bottom of the pack to overall champions. After that experience, Bryant was immediately recruited to play professionally for the Charlotte Hornets. Then he transferred to the Los Angeles Lakers where he started to get noticed by critics and basketball enthusiasts. Since then, Bryant became unstoppable in his career. His “rock star” status earned him millions of dollars and numerous endorsements from different companies. More so, he even became a figure that kids as well as adults idolized (Kobe-Bryant.org, “Kobe Bryant Biography”).
However, in 2003 Bryant's spotless reputation was tainted when a “young woman named Katelyn Faber” accused him of rape. This incident caused a media frenzy that was blown out of proportion (Kobe-Bryant.org, “Kobe Bryant Biography”).

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