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Sarcasm; it’s a universal language that everyone learns sometime in their lives, regardless of age, race, or gender. It’s also the preferred method of communication of Generation Y. While the Baby Boomers and Generation X view our excessive use of sarcasm as 'attitude,’ we personally do not see it that way. Quite the contrary, actually. For those who are illiterate when it comes to Generation Y’s use of sarcasm, pay attention.

In various social scenes that concern both adults and teenagers, you will often see teenagers putting on a nice smile, providing pleasant conversation to adults we’re not familiar with. While most adults will think 'oh, what a nice child,’ we are not usually like this. Talk to any of our parents, and you will find a majority of us are sarcastic by nature. The 'nice smile, pleasant conversational’ us is the side we only show to those we are unfamiliar with. Normally we are incapable of immediately 'chumming up’ with people we don’t know.

Why only show your nice side to people you don’t know? You may ask. Well, this is the explanation. Although we are definitely not the only generation who act nice around people we do not know, we are the only generation who verbally abuse our close friends. It’s just how we grew up. Such things as bullying have grown to epidemic levels in today’s youth society. And guess what? Bullies tend to use (semi) intelligent criticisms and insults to belittle their victims. We needed a way to stand up for ourselves. We found sarcasm. It stuck. Fight fire with fire.

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