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Transsexualism is a condition in which a transsexual person self-identifies as a member of the gender opposite to the one assigned to them at birth. For example, a person who was identified as ""female"" at birth, raised as a girl, and has lived being perceived by others as a woman, may feel that their core sense of who they are is a closer fit with ""male"" or ""man."" If this sense is strong and persistent, this person may decide to take steps to ensure that others perceive them as a man. In other words, they may decide to transition to living as the sex that more closely matches their internal gender.
2 Many transsexual people desire various types of medical alterations to their bodies. These physical alterations are collectively referred to as sex reassignment therapy and often include hormones and sex reassignment surgery.
The entire process of switching from one physical and social gender presentation to the other is often referred to as transition, and usually takes several years.
To obtain sex reassignment therapy, transsexual people are usually required to receive psychological therapy and a diagnosis of gender identity disorder. They must also live as members of their target sex for at least one year prior to surgery, but this time may be longer if the psychotherapist has concerns about the transsexual person's readiness. This time is known as the Real-Life Test or Real-Life Experience, and is one of a number of requirements that a transsexual person must meet, which are specified by protocols known as Standards of Care. These requirements are intended to prevent those individuals, who are not genuinely transsexual persons, from transitioning and later regretting having done so.

Understanding Social Change

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This essay explores the claim that the general public’s belief in medical experts has diminished and that we no longer need them. The essay begins by outlining what has been the traditional role of experts in the medical knowledge society and who they were. The second section explores what has happened to cast doubt on their role. The third section looks at the conflicting arguments as to whether we still do or do not need them. The last section will look at where the balance lies between these two arguments.

Traditionally, medical practitioners such as doctors, general practitioners, consultants, surgeons, midwives, nurses and health visitors have always been the main figureheads in the medical world that are perceived as the professionals by the general public. We expect all of these people to have received the required specialized medical training and knowledge to hold a licence to practise medicine that permits them to legally prescribe drugs and treatment to which patients would not otherwise have access. They all have the status of a medical expert; however more so-called alternative medical experts and complementary health practices have begun to emerge from other fields such as in holistic medicine, homeopathy, reflexology, acupuncture, herbalism and traditional Chinese medicine. Even lay-people have a certain amount of common-sense medical knowledge, especially that of a mother which is often seen as a natural maternal gift. The difference here though is that this is classed as subjective knowledge because that knowledge is purely dependant on one’s own personal experience. For the medical expert their role has been to draw upon their medical training and expertise, coupled with scientific knowledge and common sense and come to a conclusion on how best to treat a particular problem in the patient that is presented before them.

Women’s Suffrage

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In the 1860’s, the British House of Commons passed the Contagious Disease Act. This meant that in towns where troops were billeted, women suspected of being a prostitute could be compulsorily examined for venereal disease. However trouble arose when examiners accidently picked on respected women. No one expected the women to fight back; nevertheless they underestimated Josephine Butler’s leadership abilities.
Those who fought it put forward candidates at by-elections, asked questions at general elections, and lobbied MP’s while parliament was sitting. This was one of the first pressure groups run by women, particularly that were successful. After 15 years of lobbying the acts were revoked.
The Women’s Suffrage Movement first officially began in England in 1866. This was as a consequence of to the 1500 signatures on a petition sent to parliament, which requested the right for women to vote. Signers included John Stuart Mill, who had successfully run for parliament on a platform that included Women’s Votes.
The period from 1870 to 1905 was known as 'the doldrums’, as little was being achieved in the Women’s Suffrage Campaign. However, come 1905, the suffragists had a new tactic of militancy, which played a ginormous role in gaining the vote for women.

What Contribution Can Research Make To Social Care? (with examples)

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Our Combined experiences of researching and working in health and social care settings over a number of years have led us to recognise the value of action research in helping practitioners, managers and researchers to make sense of problems in service delivery and in promoting initiatives for change and improvement. (Hart & Bond 1995)
Elizabeth Hart and Meg Bond (1995) conduct research in the health and social care setting. They both consider research to be very important and an important option that needs to be considered by practitioners to improve professional practice and standards within health and social care.
Research happens all around us on a daily basis. This can take place by questionnaires, telephone conversation, interview, or observations. Research happens for a variety of reasons and is conducted over large subject groups.
Research methods are a central part of the social sciences. They constitute an important part of their curricula and provide a means through which intellectual development is enhanced. (May 2001)
May feels that research is critical and important to the health and social care field? However ""people within the care disciplines may characterise themselves as 'theorists' rather than researchers."" (May 2001 pg 2)
One aspect of the health and social care field that I have always held an interest in is domestic violence. Domestic violence is a subject that carries a lot of research around it. However a true representation of findings can never be or will be ever brought to light on this subject. Domestic violence is an extremely sensitive issue that holds a lot of ethical problems with the research and true findings may not always be given.

The Roles of Women in Ancient Mesopotamia, China and Egypt

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In this paper, you'll read about three societies regarding the roles and positions women played in ancient times. Those societies are, Mesopotamia, China, and Egypt. Knowledge about the vital roles women played during ancient civilizations has been limited, but research has shown a variety of ways in which women contributed to ancient cultures and they were able to make their influences known in these societies. Although these women from these societies were similar in many ways, they were also different in some ways. In some societies, women did not have the same rights as their men and were very limited to public life. For some, the only way they would have had equal rights to those of men is if they were women with high status, such as priestesses or royal family's members. Where as in other society, women openly participated in the public life and weren't as heavily restricted. There were laws that protected as well as laws that restricted women in these societies.
Ancient Mesopotamian.

Mesopotamian women lived in a Patriarchal society, which means the adult men of their society were vested authority over public and private affairs without the input of the women. The Mesopotamian women roles were defined and were placed under the authority of their fathers and husbands. To satisfy their debts, some husbands and fathers sold their daughters and wives as slaves. Despite their inferior legal statuses, some women made their influence felt in the Mesopotamian society. Some were in the position to give advices to kings and their governments. They rarely acted as individuals in the public life and the ones that did were usually from royal families or wives of men who held status and power. Their marriages were arranged and they had to be virgins at the time of marriage. Their social and sexual behaviors were controlled by the Mesopotamian men. Married women were forbidden to casually socialize with other men outside of their homes and were made to wear veils when venturing outside of their homes to discourage attention of men from outside of their households by 1500 B.C.E or earlier.

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