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The law of Karma in the Gita - Part 1 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

The foundation of theVedanta is the Upanisad,the Bhagavadgita and the Brahmasutra. This three are known as three form or Prasthanatraya. The Gita is smritiprasthana. It contains eighteen adhyayas .

There is a major contradiction regarding karma and jnana or knowledge in the Vedic religion. Which is the best for liberation - either karma or jnana? There are two parts of the Veda-karmakanda and Janakanda. Who support karmakanda i.e. karmavadins, they said that if sacrificial ritual is performed in accordance to Vedic code, then the jiva can attain heaven, even by the sacrifice can attain Brahmalooka and it is called liberation- out of it liberation nothing else.
On the other hand, who are jnanavadins, they said that for attaining liberation at first to be purified citta by performing niskama karma. Then giving up karma to be attained this Knowledge - “I am not body, I am soul and I am separate from prakrti”. Then the jiva must obtain liberation. That means, according to the Samkhya karma is mandatory for purification of the citta, but finally to be given up karma. Because karma is the cause of bondage. Acharya Samkara says that at first for purification of the citta niskama karma must be performed and it is called Karmayoga. After clearing of the citta by Karmayoga, the sage attains eligibility Knowledge acquiring. Then he attains liberation after giving up Karma appearing to Guru by hearing “tattvamasi” etc. According to Advaitavedanta, karma does not give liberation, because karma is opposite to knowledge. They cannot remain together. So who wise person has no any karma. As long has karma, so long will not be knowledge. Again liberation is not possible without knowledge. So for attaining liberation must be given up karma. It has been stated in the Mahabharata –

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