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Taoism The Eastern Philosophy of Taoism is probably one of the earliest forms of philosophy known to man. Lao-tzu wrote the book of the Tao Te Ching which are the guidelines for any true followers of Taoism to live by. Taoism is a philosophy practiced by one to get in accordance with nature, and to live simple.
The ultimate goal of Taoism is to become “Sage,” or a wise man, and once you achieve this goal you are said to be one with nature and you are heavenly. Taoism has many different aspects of it but one particular portion I am going to focus on is in chapter three of the Tao Te Ching.
The Tao Te Ching says in chapter 3 that one must give up wordily things such as luxuries and life’s little extravagances because they cause great disturbance for another individual, on the basis that they don’t have this particular item. (c.3) The Tao Te Ching states that one must be willing to give these items up and not want them at all, for if one individual has an extravagant item or luxury another individual will want that item or another one like it. This induces the fact that an individual will be more willing to steal the item from you than work for his/her own because it is easier to steal. Which then causes the owner stress on wondering if someone will try and take his possession and in the end causes great disturbance for both parties.
On one point the Taoist can be correct in making this claim. A good example of this would be if no one valued gold, well then no one would want it. Yes and also in a hypothetical world this would cut or even stop theft and other crimes that may occur in relation with theft.

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