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A World Apart: A comparison of the correctional systems of America and Turkey - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

A correctional system is a network of governmental agencies that administer a jurisdiction’s prisons and parole system (Garner, 2009). Sentences imposed upon offenders range from probation to serving time in prison. Financial penalties may be given, including fines, forfeiture, and restitution. In some countries corporal punishment still exists. Halfway houses, city and county jails, and federal prisons all fall under the corrections umbrella. Different countries around the world have different ways of dealing with criminal behavior. To illustrate some of distinctions and parallels of criminal justice within the world, two very different countries’ correctional systems should be compared. The United States of America and Turkey are two very different countries geographically, culturally, and politically; therefore, comparing correctional systems of these two countries would be preferable.
The United States and Turkey both separate prisoners into remanded or pre-trial detention prisoners, and convicted prisoners (prisoners who already possess their sentences). Institutions in America are separated into federal and state correctional facilities. State facilities may also be broken down into city and county jails. The correctional facilities in the United States can be further broken down by security. The Supermax prison is the highest security prison which houses the most dangerous inmates. This is where prisoners are in lockdown 23 hours a day in a single cell and have no interaction with any other inmates. They are allowed one hour of time outside their cell and all meals are given to them in their cell for the safety of the guards. The next level is maximum security, where prisoners are allowed out of their cells one hour a day and must remain inside a specific area and may or may not have another prisoner in their cell. Like the supermax facilities, maximum security facilities maintain direct and constant supervision on the inmates. Medium security is under maximum and these prisoners may sleep in dormitories and may have lockers to store possessions with less supervision over the internal movements of the prisoners.

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