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Personal Essays

Do you want to know how other people experience the process of entering the college or university, what are their impressions and how did they go through it. Personal essays are short stories from real people that can help you to solve your own problems and troubles. Download our essays for free and learn from other's mistakes.

Personal Essays:

Personal Learning Objectives

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Personal Learning Objectives - 2.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

From an early age I have habitually had eagerness for this field of interest. Whether it is vacations to foreign nations or day journeys with my family to the coasts of Northern Ireland, the exposure has permitted me to evolve an enthusiastic concern in the varied world in which we live. Continuing with this class would supply a very good elongation to the information profited at a level.
This class is a subject who endows me to blend not only abilities wise in class, but abilities furthermore came by from the broader world. With these abilities I would be adept to use data from in front of me and conceive deductions and comprise the facts and numbers in a kind of ways. A subject with large deepness and aim, this class types a basic part of us all. Human this class is of large individual appeal. I find the world round me intriguing, especially when looking at how the community battles an unchanging assault with environment and faces the trials of natural disasters. The interaction between persons and the natural world is a huge locality of study, and I have thus determined to simplify my choices.
Planning has habitually grabbed my attention; to glimpse how the land is utilized and manipulated to fit our desires is stimulating and blends numerous distinct skills. With a good comprehending of ICT I will be adept to completely comprehend this specific field. The way in which our villages and towns are certainly altering through refurbishment, demolition and construction is a dynamic theme I'm certain I will find captivating. I am very involved in how a task proceeds from the first phases of being designed to the last construction of the structure.

Concept development/idea generation

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I have years of experience in the Army, both as an NCO, and now as an officer. I have been deployed to foreign countries 5 times. These personal experiences have given me an appreciation for the many things involved with running a tactical and training operation. There is still a domestic and foreign need for skilled security professionals, and foreign demand is likely to increase as US forces are reduced in Iraq.
Product/service concept design
Security services by nature are tailored to each customer. The challenge is to have a skilled labor pool to draw versatile workers from, and a training program that emphasizes this versatility. The basic concept, however, is not a new one, and my company can draw from both recent successes and failures of other firms that offer similar services.
Process selection criteria and approaches (preliminary, final - relate to process spectrum) Continuous flow processes work well for certain industries, but my company needs to provide trained individuals. Part of the training regimen demands that associates receive training in a class with other associates. People learn teamwork skills best while learning with others, so (even if financially practical), a continuous flow process where an associate received individualized training is impossible.
In process flow terms, Glass could best be described in terms of a batch flow process. Classes or ""batches"" of Glass associates will go through the training process. This process is the best for training, because Glass and the customer need standardized training from their workers. At the beginning of the flow, there will be certain training that all Glass associates will undergo, such as basic first aid, legal guidelines, company HR and financial policies, and basic weapons handling. As with most batch flows, there will be a ""menu"" of training options available to the customer, ranging from unarmed to High Risk/Rapid Response and Executive Protection (the elite of private security). The training process will be like a job shop in that any additional lawful training the customer wants can be added to the ""batch"" of Glass associates the customer receives.

Reasons why I choose to be a teacher

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Once I thought it was hard to solve all the problems in the world, it was almost impossible to change every situation in every different life, but an answer came up from my mind; if a person acts according to the influences of his environment it would be the same environment the one who changed his life, and an easy way to influence a person is teaching him. That’s why I choose to be a teacher; to change others’ life.
I always reproached the way I was taught. In high school my teachers were terrible, they didn’t have any pedagogy, even when they knew that those years were the base of our formation they just acted like if we were a simple product, something that came and went. I don’t know if it happened because they were not able to teach youngsters or if they just had chosen something they were not good at. I saw that for this reason most of my partners were not good at math or literature, they were disrespectful and very irresponsible, besides most of them had a bad family.
I can’t say neither I had a good family nor good teachers but at least I tried to improve my knowledge, I read, I saw documentaries, and I continuously explained to my friends things that my teachers didn’t do. Maybe these actions drove me more and more to what I want to become today, a teacher. Although, sometimes I am a little bit nervous when I have to speak in public, I love teaching and I am very good doing it.
I’ve always thought that if a person wants to work as a teacher it has to be conscious about all the responsibilities and implications it brings. If you do a bad work you will obtain bad students, people with no values and with a low level of knowledge, but if you are constantly paying attention about students’ problems and explaining with examples and anecdotes things that happen around them you’ll have students able to take good decisions and to criticize the world they live in, trying to make it better.

A time I got in trouble

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A time I got in trouble - 2.6 out of 5 based on 5 votes

Well, I have never really gotten into big trouble at school, except once when I was in 5th grade, I think. Ok, what happened was, I was passing notes with my friend Nathalie. We were just joking around talking about random funny stuff. I said something really funny, so my friend, decided to show it to our other friend Lilly, Lilly showed it to this guy max, and max gave it to the teacher. My friend Nathalie and I got called into the office so they could call our moms, because the notes had a whole bunch of bad words and stuff on it. They made copies of the note and gave it too our parents. My dad laughed when he read it, he thought it was funny, my mom didn’t. My mom grounded me for a month, I think. When I went to school the next day, I yelled at max, and never talked to him again. That’s the worst trouble I’ve gotten into with school, right now; I’m currently grounded for getting a D in English.
Well, there are two versions of a good day for me;it would depend on my mood. If I just wanted to be alone or was feeling lazy, a perfect day would go like this; I would wake up around 1:00 or 2:00, id go take a shower, and would go downstairs. When I was downstairs and make some food probably, an egg and a bagel. After eating, id go upstairs in my room and lay in my bed and read a good book, while listening to my iPod, alone.yep, that’d be one the best days for me, I’d be very content and relaxed. Another perfect day would be around my family and friends. First, I would wake up whenever, id take a shower, maybe eat if I’m hungry, then go to the mall with my friends for a couple hours maybe see a movie or something. After being at the mall for awhile id go to my nanas house and go swimming and hang out with my aunts and cousin. I’d probably stay the night, and stay up really late, watching movies and stuff. That’d be the best day ever! Ha-ha.

Life Stories

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Life Stories - 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes

From a young age, Bryan displayed a hunger for knowledge like no other child. When he had learnt how to read, he would often pester his mother to bring him to the library to borrow loads of books for him to read. Encyclopedias and almanacs were lined up along the shelves in his home and many a time, he would read and forget about dinner or sleep. Naturally, a boy like him excelled in primary school and after the primary school leaving examinations, he went on to a reputable secondary school. One which he had been aiming to go to ever since he started schooling: Victoria School. Bryan was in the United States visiting his father who had been out stationed there when he received news of his PSLE results and you can imagine how ecstatic he was. Like all parents, his father and mother were very proud of his achievements and thought the world of him. His parents did not complete secondary school education so it was really a huge relief for them when their son had proven them wrong. Little did they know that this was the start of Bryan’s tribulations.

His thirst for knowledge served him well during the first two years of secondary school life. Surrounded by elites, he still managed to do well enough to get into the top 10 of the school. However, during the December holidays in his first year, he got mixed with bad company. They were a bunch of older students who lived in his neighbourhood. They were perceived as “cool” by the other students in the area partly because they were very good looking and every other kid wanted to hang out with them. He really wished to join their group and he got his wish when a primary school friend of his introduced them to him at a barbeque party. They were so humorous at times and Bryan wished so much to be just like them.

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