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Jacqueline Rhinehart is a motivational speaker, a newly published author, and the president and founder of Organic Soul Multicultural Marketing, Inc., a marketing firm that integrates entertainment concepts into creative marketing and branding opportunities. She is often described as a “Marketing Maven.” Ms. Rhinehart has had a very successful twenty-four year career as a marketing and publicity executive for companies in music, publishing and government. (BlackSpeakers.com: Online Directory of African American Speakers) Jacqueline Rhinehart has proved to be a very influential person in the music industry.
Jacqueline Denise Rhinehart was born on May 14, 1958 to Maggie Lee Richards Rhinehart and Willie James Rhinehart in Columbia, South Carolina. She attended undergraduate school at the University of South Carolina where she majored in Journalism/Public Relations and Advertising. She also she studied graphic design at the New School for Social Research after moving to New York, N.Y., in 1981 . (South Carolina African American History Calendar)
Ms. Rhinehart describes her undergraduate experience at the University of South Carolina the time in her life where she gained “the most valuable experiences in media and government which influenced her life's work.” Ms. Rhinehart recalls a specific assignment in a journalism class in which she was instructed to author her own obituary. For her obituary she wrote that “the deceased had been a vice-president of marketing at Warner Brothers Records,” and even though she was not the vice-president of marketing at Warner Brothers Records, her dream was not unrealistic.

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