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The Venture Capital Funds in India

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This paper proposes to outline the concept and origin of Venture Capital, trace its growth, and highlight the venture capital regulations. It has briefly explained about the Chandra Sekhar Committee recommendations, various types of Venture Capital Funds and the venture capital process in India. A simple case on first Venture Capital Fund in India, Technology Development & Information Company Of India Ltd., has also developed with concluding remarks.

The venture capital investment helps for the growth of innovative entrepreneurships in India. Venture capital has developed as a result of the need to provide non-conventional, risky finance to new ventures based on innovative entrepreneurship. Venture capital is an investment in the form of equity, quasi-equity and sometimes debt - straight or conditional, made in new or untried concepts, promoted by a technically or professionally qualified entrepreneur. Venture capital means risk capital. It refers to capital investment, both equity and debt, which carries substantial risk and uncertainties. The risk envisaged may be very high may be so high as to result in total loss or very less so as to result in high gains
The concept of Venture Capital
Venture capital means many things to many people. It is in fact nearly impossible to come across one single definition of the concept.
Jane Koloski Morris, editor of the well known industry publication, Venture Economics, defines venture capital as 'providing seed, start-up and first stage financing' and also 'funding the expansion of companies that have already demonstrated their business potential but do not yet have access to the public securities market or to credit oriented institutional funding sources.
The European Venture Capital Association describes it as risk finance for entrepreneurial growth oriented companies. It is investment for the medium or long term return seeking to maximize medium or long term for both parties. It is a partnership with the entrepreneur in which the investor can add value to the company because of his knowledge, experience and contact base.

Video games

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Video games are becoming more and more popular in today’s world. The popularity of video games has rapidly increased since they were introduced in the 1970’s. “The U.S. video game market reached nearly $10.5 billion in sales in 2005. With the projected world-wide market expected to grow to $46.5 billion by 2010 (Business Week Online, 2006).” Talk more about this quote! The technology used on these video games has expanded as well. A whole new variety of games are now available to children. The age of the children playing these games has also gone down significantly in the past years. Parents should not allow their young children to play video games, due to the many negative effects on the child. These effects include, and are not limited to: addiction, violence, and obesity.
I have a four year old brother named Matthew, who is addicted to playing video games. Every day he wakes up eagerly awaiting to play his favorite star wars game. But to his dismay, his hopes are dashed as his mother forces him to play outside in the warm sunshine, instead of staring at the preferred television screen. Matthew has been banned from playing video games until further notice. Sadly, the games have taken a hold of my youngest brother. He is no longer allowed to play the game, or even watch it. Yet, he still tries to sneak into the room and watch his older brothers play, while shouting instructions at them in the background. He is usually spotted by my mother, and escorted from the room. This leads him to run around to the opposite side of the room, peering forlornly through the glass doors. He looks as if he has lost his best friend.

Internship as the First Step to a Successful Career

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Internship as the First Step to a Successful Career
An internship is often seen as “slave labour” to those sceptical people who can’t see how an internship can be the first step to a successful career. However, in today’s fruitless economic climate and high unemployment rates, an unpaid internship may be a very sensible step to take.
Getting a paid job straight after university is a rare phenomenon nowadays. Only the very ambitious or lucky students manage to get them, and that’s after having the stress of juggling job hunting with preparing for their finals. For others, just getting an internship is a huge achievement – and for good reason.
Internship is supposed to be a ring-buoy that breaks the cycle when a graduate can’t get a job because he/she doesn’t have any experience in working. And at the same time he/she can’t get this experience because of the failure in getting a job.
An internship is a ring-buoy for graduates
Internships give graduates the safety of testing the ropes, and learning about the working world. Many students fresh out of university would not have sufficient work experience to know what it’s really like to work full-time in an office or in a paid job with a certain level of social responsibility. So an internship is a great introduction to this lifestyle, without the risk of getting fired if you mess up!

Train police dogs

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All train police dogs have to aboriginal become experts at basal accordance training. They have to obey the commands of their abettor after hesitation. This is what keeps the inherent assailment of the dog in check, and allows the administrator to ascendancy how abundant force the dog is application adjoin a suspect.
Train police dogs have to be adequate in accessible places and acclimated to distractions like traffic. Dogs from Europe are generally accustomed commands in their built-in accent. Many humans anticipate this is so no one besides the abettor can accidentally accord them an "attack" command in English. This is a myth.
The absolute acumen is abundant simpler – the dogs were accomplished with those command words, and it's abundant easier for the administrator to apprentice a few Dutch or German words than to retrain the dog with new commands.
A train police dog has to accomplish it through ability and activity training as well. The dogs have to be able to jump over walls and ascend stairs. Anniversary dog is acclimated to city-limits life because a dog that's afraid about humans won’t accomplish an acceptable train police dog.
Finally, anniversary dog receives specialty training. Many dogs are accomplished to seek for drugs, admitting some are bomb or gun sniffers. Train police dogs can as well clue missing bodies or suspects. This accurate affair is one that is actual controversial.
In short, abettor ascendancy (commonly referred to as chaw and hold) can be easier to advance than case and authority techniques. Particularly for agencies who do not accept admission to accomplished agitators and trainers to ensure their techniques are kept clean.

Detailed analysis of the latitudinal gradient in species richness

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Detailed analysis of the latitudinal gradient in species richness - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Why are most of the world’s species tropical? Provide a detailed analysis of the latitudinal gradient in species richness.
Latitudinal gradients in species diversity have been recognized for over a century (Wallace 1878). The cause of these gradients has been the subject of debate since then. This has produced several theories and hypotheses about what factors are dependent in the regulation of diversity (Pianka 1966). Nowadays theories think about many factors such as competition, disturbance (natural and human disturbance) fragmentation, invasion and many others. It is difficult to test the separate causes and to test them individually and also to make hypotheses including all of them. The main theory at this time is the hypothesis of latitudinal gradients of diversity. (Stevens 1989) He produced a rule called 'rapoport’s rule’ which states that “latitudinal ranges of plants and animals are generally smaller at low than at high latitudes. This rule was used to explain why there is higher species diversity in the tropics than at the poles because narrower ranges in the tropics would facilitate more species to coexist. He later expanded the rule to included altitudinal gradients also.
The temperature gradient has been known for many years with temperature being as low as -40C to -70C in the poles and normally over 25C all year round at the tropics. This high temperature does not only affect the heat, it also increases the speed of evaporation which then produces a more humid area and also more precipitation. This means more energy is put into these communities by the sun (the source of earths energy) and this is what many people think could make the tropics much more suitable for species richness.

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