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Relationships between men and women are the main topic for the major of books, films, everyday conversations, gossips and… essays. The Internet is full of different topics about flirt, love, family but on our site we propose only well-written and informative essays of this category.

Essays about Love:


The Myth of the Relationship between Scent and Attractiveness

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Researches have shown physical attractiveness is not solely dependent upon the visual aspects of appearance but is often modulated by other sensory cues as well. While the importance of the sense of smell in social interactions and behavior of animals is well known, olfaction has often been thought to be of minor relevance to primates in general and humans in particular. However, social psychology research has demonstrated that people tend to rate other people more positively when in the presence of a pleasant ambient fragrance (Demattè, Österbauer, & Spence, 2007). Indeed, the personal use of fragrance should be considered as an integral part of one’s image management, with different fragrances being chosen for different occasions. Nowadays, wearing perfume and cologne is a popular way humans attempt to attract mates. Our group is interested in investigating the relationship between scent and attractiveness. Currently, there are three specific questions that we would like to explore.
First of all, we would like to know whether an odor can influence a person’s judgment of another person’s physical attractiveness when assessed visually. Research by Wedekind, Seebeck, Bettens, and Paepke has shown that a man’s major histocompatibility complex will, to a certain extent, determine the attractiveness of his bodily odor to females (Demattè, Österbauer, & Spence, 2007). Research by Herz and colleagues even suggests that body odor may be as, if not more, important than all other physical attractiveness cues, including visual (Demattè, Österbauer, & Spence, 2007). For example, Herz and Inzlicht showed that, on average, women report that how men smell is the most important physical criterion for choosing someone as a potential lover. In a book chapter by Kirk-Smith and Booth, the authors found that in the presence of a perfume (the brand Shalimar), both men and women rated half-torso clad photographs of men and women as being significantly sexier and softer as compared with a no-perfume condition (Demattè, Österbauer, & Spence, 2007). Moreover, the experiment by Dematte et al. showed that the female participants rated the male faces as being significantly less attractive in the presence of an unpleasant odor than when the faces were presented together with a pleasant odor or with clean air.

The concept of love in Plato’s Symposium

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The concept of love is one that has been hotly debated for ages, and who better to debate the issue than a group of drunken men. In Plato’s “Symposium,” which is defined as an event of drinking and intellectual conversation, Socrates and six other men each come to the party with a prepared encomium on love. By the end of the symposium, a general conclusion is met: that there are two types of love and the most virtuous love is the love of wisdom. Each of the men present their speeches on love, which may seem different, but essentially they parallel what Diotima’s opinion of love is, a unhurried and careful ascent to truth. So, each speaker’s encomium gets the audience closer and closer to the truth.
After,Phaedrus’ speech on love, the legal expert, Pausanias, begins by developing the idea of the duality of love; though it is primarily under the umbrella of homosexuality, only touching briefly on heterosexual love. It is his claim that love exists in the form of Aphrodite Pandemos (common love,) and Aphrodite Uranis (heavenly love.) Common love being based on sensuality and producing children; while heavenly love being based on companionship, involving mental and soul-oriented pursuits. Virtue is of high importance to him, and says that heavenly love only goes bad if one lover’s intention is exploitation.
Ultimately, Plato rejects the glorification of sexual love, or common love, and puts the asexual love and pursuit of wisdom and beauty on a pedestal. Socrates, Plato’s mouthpiece, places philosophy above the arts which the other men use for comparisons, including medicine (Eryximachus,) comedy (Aristophanes,) and tragedy (Agathon.) Socrates also references every speaker, as if to say his encomium possessed the ultimate truth that only could have been reached by the process of having the other men build up to it; this is another suggestion of Diotima’s notion of love being a dutiful ascent, or journey, to truth.

True Love

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This explores the theme 'True Love’ in relation to the texts of E.E. Cummings’ poem, “Somewhere I Have Never Travelled” (621-2) and Wislawa Szymborska’s poem, “True Love” (p. xxx). Here, Cummings’ poem explores the symbolisms of true love. Meanwhile, Szymborska’s poem explores its essence. Finally, this will conclude why true love is both symbolic and essential.
Why is true love abstract and indefinite, yet when a person feels it, that person knows it is true love but fail to define its very nature? To provide an answer to that question and attempt a definition of true love, this will explore two poems from two poets with two different poetic styles. One poet is Cummings’ who conveys poetic ideas in an abstract, symbolic manner. Another is Szymborska who tells a poem in a rhetorical manner and uses irony to stress the topic’s importance.
True love is a sweet feeling that is felt without bounds. It is indefinite because when someone feels it for the first time, the feelings have no reference point for a lover to compare it from. Moreover, when someone feels it for the first time, it is highly unlikely that a second true love will come again. For instance, Cummings notes that: “somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond any experience …” (p. 621). Here, Cummings is glad, which is naturally a sweet feeling, and that gladness is “beyond any experience” which make it indefinite, abstract and without bounds. Someone who has never felt true love before and feels it for the first time would be like someone who says: “somewhere I have never traveled” which indicates a person’s inexperience with the sweet feeling. Most importantly, Cummings beautifully writes that:

The Definition of Love

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It is said that love makes the world go round, and it really does, although not in a literal sense. Some say that it is life itself; without it the world we live in would seem just a chunk of rock in our eyes, traveling across space indefinitely, devoid of life, not knowing the concepts of care and affection. It is felt in different degrees, emotions, and seems to add color to life itself.
Love as defined by Webster is either a strong affection felt for another arising out of kinship or personal ties, or an admiration, benevolence, or a warm attachment towards another. This definition is concerned only with human affection towards the other. But love itself encompasses all that we know of. Be it love for work, country, or passion for a certain sport, more or less it is love still.
Love has no other purpose but to foster close and personal relations with another human being, either romantically, with charity or pure kindness. The definition of love is very broad that it encompasses all of human interactions with each other. Love has a different term for every nationality, language or culture, yet the feeling is universal. Give a hug to a stranger, and he/she will know that it is love expressed for him/her. Caress a dog’s fur and the dog knows that he/she is being taken care of. It is love. It is not just a concept but is created not by will only but by random reasons that even the mind cannot rationalize.
Since the human heart symbolizes love, one oftentimes “use his/her heart” in knowing a person’s character, and sometimes led to the development of a feeling of affection for that certain person; hence the line “the heart sees what the mind cannot.”

What Is Love?

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Love is defined in one Raymond Carver's famous short story entitled "Beginners". Published in 1981 it is considered a s a timeless and influential piece of modern literature as it gives love a different kind of meaning. It is a collection of short stories of people falling in love, currently in love and wanted to go out of love. The masterpiece is written in such a way that readers will think as to what extent love can make or break lives and how to deal with this four letter word that makes the world go round.
The book tackles different scenarios of love presented through series of stories which produces linkage to the meaning of the word love in the end. Though the plot revolves on a casual drinking conversation of two couples, it really does make sense in giving love different meanings. Love was illustrated in the short story in many profound ways. Characters presented in the story are different in terms of profession and personal background but they are all speaking about one thing, love. Men are from Venus and girls are from Mars as it may seem when readers try to digest the concept of Carver's story as a whole. He gives various instances that women are desperately being submissive to men to the extent that they are being hurt and abuse just to prove how they love their partners. I say this in the case of Carl who overly abused his partner. Terri on the other hand does not mind being victimized by love. Love can kill in the case of Carl who kept on beating his partner because this is his way of showing love. Terri on the other hand is blinded by emotion that is why she let her partner hurt her thinking that it is always about love. She is so selfless to the point that part of her being anorexic is caused by too much beating to her by Carl.

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