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Learn on other’s mistakes. This is a motto of people who appreciate getting experience and try to make less wrong steps in their lives. Free essays of the category "Life" share useful advice and experience of other people. Use these materials in your research in the college or university or just for your own purposes.

Essays about Life:


If 1,292 people died tomorrow, would you notice?

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If 1,292 people died tomorrow, would you notice? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

100,000 people a year die from alcohol abuse in the U.S. each year, 1,000,000 in ten years. 14 million, or one in 13 adults in the U.S. suffer from alcoholism at any given time. 25% of urban hospital beds are taken up by severe damage from the use of alcohol.
* 1,700 college students between the ages of 18-24 die each year from alcohol misuse.
* 97,000 college students reported cases of sexual abuse because of alcohol use.
* 696,000 reported cases of students being assaulted by someone who had been drinking.
* 599,000 college students unintentional injuries blamed on alcohol use.
We are all students at college and most likely we have gone to one party with alcohol.
Being a college student and under the age of 21, I have researched this topic of underage drinking because I thought this issue would be extremely beneficial to all of us since we are in college and will most likely be going through experiences involving alcohol.

Today, I'm here to convince you to think twice about picking up that next bottle of alcohol.
Transition: Let's begin by talking about why teenagers should not have alcohol.
Underage drinking is illegal in all 50 states.
The tolerance that police have to a teenager drinking and driving is absolutely zero.
According to Buffalo News from New York that, “the Sherriff Officer arrested eighteen teenagers, several of them are under sixteen, at a charge of underage drinking at an apartment party on Grand Island.
Another is, according to a newspaper source at TCCs’ database, that police officers observed a club in Northbridge, in which they are minors taking prohibited drugs and drinking underage.

The enlightenment

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The enlightenment - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

The enlightenment was a time of change. People started to believe in science, not just in god. People understood that they could change the outcome of things, and that they had more power than they thought earlier. The poor people also got a chance to get out of poverty because people started to believe that they were not being punished from god.

In the Enlightenment people started to believe that god did not control the world. They still thought he had created it, but they thought that they could control the outcome of their own life themselves. The poor people saw that they could change their life if they worked hard enough, because god did not punish them for something they had done. They could get out of the poverty if the society accepted it, and the society started to accept that poor people also had some rights. We see this clearly in “a modest proposal” where Jonathan Swift suggests in an ironic way that they should start to eat poor peoples children to get enough food. He did that to show that the society looked at the poor people differently than the rich people. Nobody would have suggested to eat a rich person's child. This text was an eyeopener to the people.

When people began to doubt that god controlled everything in the world, they started to look for reasons to all the things happening all around them. Science became “a replacement for god.” We can see that in Joseph Wright of Derbys picture “An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump” where a lot of people are watching an experiment. The fact that a picture of an experiment is considered art also show how the world started to accept science, and started to rely on it instead of god.

The effect of Social Circle on the life - Charles Darwin

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The effect of Social Circle on the life - Charles Darwin - 0.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

“I see daily more and more plainly that my unaided Book would have done absolutely nothing.” Charles Darwin to Thomas Henry Huxley, 20 July 1860.

Charles Darwin was arguably the greatest scientist of the nineteenth century. His idea of evolution, along with his geological and botanical work, forever changed the way the history of the earth would be written and theories about the earth formed. However, every scientific idea and indeed every scientist develops in a specific intellectual context and personal community. These 'social circles’ or 'networks’ that the scientist develops in are fundamental to not only understanding the theories themselves but crucial in order to understand the formation and dissemination of those theories. Given a figure like Charles Darwin, who largely kept out of the public eye whether on a voyage around the world or in his well-hidden Down house, these social circles become even more necessary because the only ways to reach the scientist are through other people. Indeed, “the theories which would shake the world of academic scientists were developed not in the cloistered calm of university libraries but in his own house and garden, albeit with the indispensable expert advice he constantly sought from established scientists.”[1] Thus, the purpose of this essay would be to explore the social circle of Charles Darwin via certain personalities in order to fully understand the formation and dissemination of his theories.

Before we begin we must define this 'social circle’ that we intend to study. In defining our social circle, I take it to be an approach to the study of relationships of influence which connect members of a group or network. However, Darwin’s intellectual and technical influences were of course many from the uniformitarian Lyell to the natural theologian Paley to the technician who taught him how to stuff birds at Edinburgh University.

The 14th Dalai Lama

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"“Dalai Lama” literally means ocean priest. His vast followers, awestruck by his presence, cast their eyes downward, fall to the ground and weep. They cannot look directly in his eyes out of respect. The Dalai Lama realizes the magnitude of his position, but dismisses the idolatry. His people call him “His Holiness.” He calls himself a Tibetan who chooses to be a Buddhist monk. He also was leader of a country that Tibetans say is occupied and that Beijing says has always been part of China. He is considered the reincarnation of the previous 13 Dalai Lamas of Tibet, the first born more than 640 years ago. This Dalai Lama is different from his predecessors, though. For instance, the 13th Dalai Lama was strict and formal, and most Tibetans couldn’t get close to him except during public blessing ceremonies. The 14th Dalai Lama meets often with Tibetans and foreigners and never keeps people at a distance. He is among 600 Tibetan Buddhist monks living in Dharamsala, in northern India. About 7,000 of the 24,000 who live in this city are Tibetans, with the greatest concentration in the village of McLeod Ganj—the seat of Tibet’s government-in- exile. The Chinese occupied Tibet in 1950. For nine years, the Dalai Lama tried to negotiate peaceful coexistence with his people and the Chinese. When that failed, he fled in 1959 to India, where he set up Tibet’s government-in-exile. Lhamo Thondup was born July 6, 1935, to peasant farmers in Taktser, a poor settlement on a hill overlooking a broad valley in northeastern Tibet. Buddhist priests from Lhasa, Tibet’s capital, came for the boy when he was 2. Omens led them to him: from the way the head of the 13th Dalai Lama had turned in his coffin toward the child’s village, to the vision of the house seen in a lake by a high priest. The boy was renamed Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso and raised by monks in Lhasa in the 1,000-room Potala palace, where the fifth through the present Dalai Lamas resided. As a boy, he had no idea what it meant to be the 14th Dalai Lama—the ruler of the land hidden behind the Himalayas.

End of Life Care

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Symptom Assessment
Identify an Aspect of Care
The aim of this essay is to identify a chosen aspect of nursing relevant to end of life care. The assessment of symptoms is an important activity carried out by the nursing staff in clinical practice, important for the identification of symptoms and their functional impact on the patient. Symptom Assessment is essential for optimising the quality of life, during end of life care. It plays a major role in quality of life assessment. A quality of life assessment addresses physical, psychological and social domains, in addition to specific symptoms. Skills in bedside symptom assessment are especially important for patients with advanced illness who may be too weak to undergo diagnostic studies.
The author of this essay will have conducted a literature search, in order to locate evidence of best practise relating to the aspect of care identified. This evidence will be analysed for the quality and validity of information found during the search.
Hek et al (2000) suggest that any search for literature should be carried out comprehensively and systematically. It is imperative to use a variety of sources in order to gather a range of information, that is reliable and trustworthy, (Hart 2000). To search for specific information, Hek (2000) recommend, electronic searching, which is the quickest and most effective way of doing a literature search.
The Nursing and Midwifery Council (2008), states that the best way to deliver high quality care to patients is to use evidence based practice. The most recent material found will be analysed in this essay as Parahoo (2006) pointed out when stating “decisions about care practice should be based upon up to date information”.

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