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An Investigation on the Increasing Rates of Obesity in the United States - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Is America getting fatter? Lately, this seems to be the question on everyone’s mind. From doctors, to insurance workers to government employees, the growing waistline of US citizens is not only affecting a whole population physically but rather economically as well. And that is not it, the issue is affecting people from all social classes and races, all ages and positions. It is disturbing to think about how we have allowed for this. So what went wrong? Basically it is a radical change in lifestyle that has metamorphosized the average American body. No longer are American women considered “curvy cuties”. Their bodies have dramatically changed and there isn’t even a name to call it. A massive access to convenience foods as well as dramatic increase of portion sizes combined with a decrease of physical activities on a daily basis is paying a high price on Americans. Obesity rates are escalating disproportionably and no one seems to be doing much about it.
Convenience food is not necessarily the most convenient for Americans. The health of millions of Americans is being threatened by the large consumption of these convenient fast foods found in every corner of every street. In ancient Rome, people lived in apartments with no kitchens, which forced them to eat at street stands. It was cheaper to cook for many than for few. However, this is not the case for Americans at the present date in the 21st century. Work has taken over the lives of people in order to earn money, which does not allow for cooking time, thus driving them to guzzle greasy, saturated, fattening, cheap, and why not mention, tasty food. There is a vast difference between eating a nice home-made dinner with a fresh salad, than processed French fries fried in fizzing, firing, reused grease. These edible foods, if they can actually be considered food, are creating an obesity trend that did not exist fifty years ago. Not only are the nutrients that are going into the stomachs and growing waist lines of Americans what affects them, but the amount of it is alarming. Genetically modified food products are piercing through people’s bodies. Giant tomato’s, imperishable crackers, baseball – sized eggs; all going in without even questioning the harmful effects not only on people’s waistlines but on their genetic makeup as well. Plastic pieces of “so- called food” that tastes like chocolate, strawberries or even meat. Are Americans not realizing that all this fake, convenient, cheap food will pass its bill later on in life? A new lifestyle has been created however not a healthy one.

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