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Family is the main social unit. Almost everybody wants to have family, take care of his/her wife/husband, parents, children so on. In this category you can find essays about relationships within the family, how to cooperate with each other, how to understand and help your family in different life situations. These essays can be also useful for investigation in Sociology or Psychology.

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The American family

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The American family has endured through many tough times and many amazing ages. None more so than World War 2. The dynamic of the American family had to change and evolve into a more modern, up- to-date family. There countless recollections by Veterans and survivors of World War 2 today of how things changed. Most in their childhoods during these troubled time cannot, however, recall many details of their distant pasts so we rely on what has been written and passed down from our Fathers and Grandfathers who fought that fight and fortunately lived to tell, and write about it.
One must explore the events leading up to America’s involvement in the Great War as many Americans will refer to this as the start of the war although it had been going on two years prior. The Great Depression and World War 1 led to many of the situations around the world at that time. The Treaty of Versailees is one such instance of a failed plan that led to violence. In his book The Economic Consequences of Peace, Keynes referred to the Treaty of Versailles as a ""Carthaginian Peace"", a misguided attempt to destroy Germany on behalf of French revanchism, rather than to follow the fairer principles for a lasting peace set out in President Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points, which Germany had accepted at the armistice. He stated: ""I believe that the campaign for securing out of Germany the general costs of the war was one of the most serious acts of political unwisdom for which our statesmen have ever been responsible."" Keynes had been the principal representative of the British Treasury at the Paris Peace Conference, and used in his passionate book arguments that he and others (including some US officials) had used at Paris. He believed the sums being asked of Germany in reparations were many times more than it was possible for Germany to pay, and that these would produce drastic instability.

Youth and marriage

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Not many people have the same views of marriage, especially between teenagers and adults. They are from two different generations in which some things that never used to be socially acceptable are now.

Marriage patterns are changing throughout much of the developing world. Young men and women are waiting until they are older to marry, they are marrying someone closer to their own age, and they have more say about whom they marry. However long they wait, almost everyone marries or enters into a marriage-like relationship. For many, the transition into marriage is a key component of the transition to adulthood.

Young People Are Marrying Later. Today, most young people are marrying later compared with earlier generations. Among women, 27 percent of 15- to 19-year-old women in the developing world were married in 1970-1989, compared with 21 percent in 1990-2000. The reduction in the share of married 15- to 19-year-olds is particularly striking in Africa. In Western/Middle Africa, the percentage dropped from 53 percent to 38 percent. In some regions, most notably the Middle East, a large share of men now postpone marriage until their 30s.
Factors Associated With Later Marriage: The decline in early marriage is quite widespread, lending support to the notion that global changes are having widespread effects on personal behavior. Not only is the reduction in early marriage occurring in many settings, it is also occurring, in some regions, over a relatively wide age span. This suggests that policy shifts, such as increases in the legal age at marriage; social shifts, such as the expansion of education; or ideological shifts, such as a change in norms regarding very early marriage, all contribute to the changes observed. The legal age of marriage for both men and women has risen in many countries over the last decade.

Common Families of the Commonwealth

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Plato’s arguments of the creation of a commonwealth, where guardians have their wives and children in common, where no parent knows his child and no child his parent, was to liberate the citizens’ from the bondages (evils) and obligations of family life, so that they serve better in their respective fields and the State works as a large family unit where there are no mean wars on lands and properties and men and women are considerate towards each other feeling united as members of a natural polity.

The idea which marginalises individual families by removing their existence altogether and puts greater emphasis on the larger family, which is the state as a whole, furnishes patriotism and brotherhood. The idea, however hypothetical, surely came from the noblest intentions for the creation of the ideal commonwealth. But the question is can the licentiousness rising from polygamy and ignorance of one’s own family members be digested so easily in the name of such noble intentions. Such a plan degrades true commitment and demeans love and I see serious dangers of anarchy in personal relationships. While Plato may have thought that a hero who has distinguished himself as a warrior should be honoured by letting him go on an 'expedition’ of kisses and have as many wives as he desires, so that his highly valued valour may be preserved by multiplication of his genes with his chosen fortunate meritorious maidens, it might not be the case of an equivalent desire in a female to have sex with a possessor of multiple wives, however talented, however adroit, regardless of him being a gem to the state whose genes must be transferred through her fated embryo. Making love and making children become two different dispositions then.

Opposing Gay Marriage

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A battle has been in progress for years over whether equal rights and equal protection against discrimination should be extended to homosexuals. In this rough draft essay I will briefly discuss reasons why gay marriages shouldn’t be allowed first of all it is a disgrace from what marriage is supposed to be for, secondly God Said that it was an abomination and that you shall not lie with the same sex. But obviously same sex couples are paying a least amount of attention to what God says about gay marriage. The topic of homosexual marriages is a common issue today. This topic has been debated bringing up many valid points, but the fact of the matter is that homosexual marriages are wrong and we, as a country, should not condone such acts (2009 Bidstrup, Scott.) Marriage is a unique practice, in that it is both a religious sacrament and legal registration controlled by the state. Marriage is also the institution whereby men and women are joined in a special kind of social and legal dependence for the purpose of founding and maintaining a family. Not for two of the same sex getting together and playing mummy and daddy to adopted children and insulting the real reason and purpose of marriage. Although some same sex marriages may be capable of coping financially, the negative influence on children raised in their household has been statistically proven. Not only would same sex families’ deal with negative suggestions in terms of their children, but most religions in America glared upon the union of same sex relationships and restrict marriage to one man and one woman (2009 Bidstrup, Scott.)

Behavioural development

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From Birth to One year.

Babies at this age are incapable of understanding rules.
They only respond to their feelings of hunger, tiredness etc
by alerting you.

Babies are incapable of 'bad’ and 'good’ behaviour they are act on their instinct.
They are unaware of the world around them.

By the age of six months, they understand displeasure.


Children in this age group are able to learn about behaviour through examples. At around the age of two years your child will enjoy saying the word “no”
Your child must learn they cannot get your attention while you’re doing a job unless they are helping you. This will take time for the child to learn this.
Your child may refuse to co-operate with you so you must withdraw your attention. Most children are desperate for attention so they will change their bad behaviour to good.

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