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Teachers' Roles and Responsibilities - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote


There are some roles and responsibilities that are common to all teachers

throughout the education system. However, some roles and responsibilities

evolve with time and circumstance. It is hard to know where the roles and

responsibilities of a teacher should stop and I feel it is

each teachers responsibility to know the boundaries. There exists a

misconception that the only skill required to be a teacher is the ability to

teach, but it goes far beyond this.


As a teacher, my roles would include:-


I would carry out initial assessments with learners as well as assess learners’

abilities, designs and techniques both during and at the end of the session,

provide feedback to them and obtain feedback from them. I would use this

feedback (session evaluation) in order to re-define my future session.


It would be my responsibility in my Counsellor role to maintain a duty of

care for my learners, however, at the same time be aware of the boundaries

(see section below) of a teacher in terms of counseling. I would also be able

to refer learners to other people and agencies for support, where appropriate.


I would ensure that the ground rules established in week one of the course

were re-iterated every week and were adopted. I would take into account the

learners’ different learning styles, present my subject at a good pace, balance

well between teacher and learner involvement, encourage learners to ask



I would demonstrate with the aid of

instructions so that learners may practice the same. Providing a clear, safe

and concise demonstration would be my responsibility.

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