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This is a class of 20 university graduates (12 females, 8 males) who major at business and have just come to England for two weeks. They are all about 21years old and have learned English for 2~4 years in China. Most of them are very outgoing and like to communicate with others. According to the language test at the beginning, half of them are at the advanced level, while the other half are at the intermediate level. What they want to achieve is to improve their communicative skills in business trades and apply for jobs in big business companies in England.
What I would like to teach them are some most commonly used expressions , such as, vocabularies, phrases and sentences about business affairs. Through the centralized study of these business language, it’s beneficial for them to acquire the basic talking skills of doing business and improve the fluency and accuracy of their speaking in a short time, which may also help them to gain more confidence in the coming interview and the real business situation in the future.
What teaching approachs I will adopt for my learners are “Get it right from the beginning”, “Just listen and Read”, “let’s talk”.
Initially, “Get it right from beginning” can be one of the effective methods for these learners to acquire these business expressions and remember them. As a matter of fact that Chinese students are always accustomed to the traditional grammatical instruction, as well as the learners in this class are all adults who already have a good metalinguistic knowledge of their own language, it’s very possible that they will prefer this approach.

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