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Education is one of the most popular topics because people all the time want to find out something new. Applicants are looking for best educational ideas and advice from experienced people; students are looking for more opportunities to study and develop their skills. Essays about education are written to help people with some questions on this topic.

Essays about Education:

Transformational Change

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Transformational Change - 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 votes

Transformational Change is a learning a learning process that one must go through when faced with a significant change in their life that has caused a serious shift in the way a person has been living their lives. While not all transformational changes are negative events that we have experienced, the changes that we have to get through. While studying the topic of transformational change, Jack Mezirow, who conducted research on adults who have engaged in a transformational change, determined that there are seven phases that occur in this learning process. These phases include: 1. Experiencing a disorienting dilemma, 2. Self-examination, 3.Critical assessment of assumptions, 4. Recognizing that others have gone through a similar process, 5. Exploring a process, 6. Formulating a plan of action, 7. Reintergration (Clugston, 2009).
While thinking back to my life and some of the transformational changes that I have experiences, two quickly come to mind. When I was very young, I got married and had two children. Shortly after my son was born, I noticed a big change in my husband and while at the time, I couldn’t put my finger on what he was doing, I knew that something was not right. After my son’s first birthday party, I found out exactly what my husband was up to, he had allowed the stress of his job, and raising two children push him to using crack cocaine. Although I did not know how long he had been using the drugs or where, he was nonetheless my husband and I loved him so my first goal was to get him some help. My mother picked up my children to get them out of the environment and I tried to convince my husband to go to rehab and receive help for his drug problem. After hours of talking, he decided to leave and never return. My life instantly changed. My two children were now my sole responsibility and I knew that my job would not provide enough income to take care of two small children so I had to make several changes. My first experience was sifting through the dilemma and trying to figure out a
reasonable solution to this problem. I became depressed and then had to formulate a plan to get myself out of this bad situation so that I could move forward for my children and myself. I divorced my husband and moved forward.

Science & Technology in the Primary School

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Science & Technology in the Primary School - 4.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

The basis of this literature review is to examine the theory of constructivism with direct reference to the teaching of science. In order to do this the literature was reviewed with a direct focus encompassing the following elements: to establish the theoretical underpinnings of the theory; to engage with the research regarding its effectiveness as a learning approach; the influence of this theory and its implications for the teaching of science; and consequently my view of how I wish children to learn science in my classroom incorporating a constructivist approach. The theoretical underpinnings of constructivism draw on the work of theorists such as Piaget, Bruner and Vygotsky. These theorists provided the basis for the teaching philosophy of constructivism which is widely accepted and advocated by current researchers and educators. It “also underpins major recommendations for teaching curriculum documents from around the world (Australian Education Council [AEC], 1991).

In examining the constructivist approach it is important to understand the origins of this particular learning theory. It is derived from the broader learning theory of 'constructivism’. The theoretical underpinnings of constructivism can be attributed to the research of Jean Piaget who emphasised “the active role of learners in the construction of their own knowledge” (Bobis, 2004). As stated in EMS301 forum entry by Amy Amos “Teachers must become the creators of curriculum rather than the dispensers of curriculum developed by others” (Smith, G., 2002, p.586). This determined the role of the student to be integral in the attainment and growth of their learning and the teacher as being facilitator of learning rather than a transmitter of knowledge (Reys, Lindquist, Lambdin, Smith and Suydam, 2004).

Roles of a tutor

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Roles of a tutor - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Tutors must first identify learner’s* needs by using different resources available. Learners will be required to fill in *an* enrolment form which will ask specific questions based on the course or class .*It is important to establish this in order to gain what level of teaching is required. Other means of establishing learner needs is to have a group discussion or by means of a *questionnaire*. Learners can be given *questionnaires* or be set specific task to reference items by means of books or via internet.
Once the learners needs have been established the structure of the course can be planned and designed to fit in with individual learners needs. You can plan classes in order to set individual tasks or manage the class into small groups to establish team building. By means of team building you can pair people up to bring the best out of individuals. This also establishes confidence in the individuals. Your overall aim is to promote success in learning and to make it *enjoyable. *To gain this enjoyment you must plan the lessons accordingly by sensing the morale within the group and individuals.
Learners must be taught in a specific way according to local education and EEC standards. A syllabus must be drawn up in order to map out these requirements. Once a syllabus has been produced a copy of this should be given to the learners, but it should be explained that this can be changed at any time depending on their own progress an*d personal development. Classes can often be disrupted or side tracked so some form of groun*d rules must be established*. Often these ground rules will be based on giving *each other* respect and all agreeing these so *everyone understands the final *outcome. It* is vitally important that the tutor listens to the learner even when the learner requires a shoulder to lean *on .H*owever the tutor must discuss these discussions with their peers or direct the learner in the right direction of professional help if required.

University Examination System in Pakistan

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University Examination System in Pakistan - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

An examinational system is an official test of knowledge. We have exams everywhere around the world. Education & examination could mean disciplining The mind, enriching the soul, building character, and everything and all things that are declared good according to the value judgments of a particular society. A healthy society can come about when people study for the purpose of gaining wisdom and knowledge and utilizing it for the country welfare. Examination system in general and especially in university has come to be the main theme of modern education. Students should take endless examinations and succeed in passing them, before they could graduate or master from university. As much importance has been attached to university examination system. It has many advantages and disadvantages. The examination system in our university needs reforms from preparing examination papers to their assessments. However there is always chances possibility or needs to improve the system with the passage of time.

Each and every system has advantages and some disadvantages or drawbacks that affect the performance of system. With the university exams students are able to know their performance and knowledge. It encourages them to work and learn. It can create competition, which push the competitors to do the best candidates pass the exams some got good results it helps to get scholarship which will bring to have a good future and also becomes a valuable professional assets of the country.

Gregorio Lemque Yap

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Gregorio Lemque Yap - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Gregorio Lemque Yap was born to parents Mauro Angulo Yap and Federica Luz Acera Lemque on March 7, 1959 at Larcon, Bongabon, Nueva Ecija.

He obtained his elementary education at Iba Elementary School in Iba, Zambales from the years 1966 to 1972 where he graduated as first honors.

His took up his secondary education at the Zambales National High School also in Iba, Zambales during the years 1972 to 1976.

In 1977, he enrolled at the then Ramon Magsaysay Memorial School for Arts and Trade (RMMSAT), now Ramon Magsaysay Technological University (RMTU), under the degree of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, major in Civil Technology and graduated in the year 1982.

After graduating from college, he worked as a woodcraftsman apprentice at the Subic Naval Base Command in Subic, Zambales and was later promoted to the position of shipwright apprentice in 1983 and held position as shipwright journeyman in the year 1985 to 1992.

While working, he also took up a technical / vocational course on Stenography, Typewriting and Office Procedures (STOP) at the Central Luzon Technical Institute (now Cental Luzon College of Science and Technology) during the years 1983 to 1984.

He eventually went back to RMMSAT and pursued the degree of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education, major in Industrial Arts / TLE which he finished in 1993.

He finished his Master of Arts in Education (MAEd), major in Educational Administration at Columban College in Olongapo City in the year 1997.

In the year 2000, he obtained his Doctor of Education degree, major in Educational Management at the Virgen De Los Remedios College also in Olongapo City.

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