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The definition of a teacher, to me, is a person who provides schooling for others, someone who makes it easy for an individual student to understand the subject. He/She may also be a personal tutor for the learner.
It is an ongoing job that shouldn’t be taken lightly because it deals with students who are in need of certain knowledge to survive in this economy.
A teacher can also be expected to act as a substitute parent, with all the normal forms of parental discipline open to them. As a teacher we have the right to use positive reinforcement which is balanced with immediate and fair punishment for misbehavior conduct.
A teacher is a person who cares enough about the youth dedicated to prepare, educate and to help them get a head start in life in the institutions in which they will work.
Some belief statements that guide my actions as an instructor are visions for the future. All students are given the same and equal opportunity to use their individual strengths to become successful students and citizens.
Purpose of education whether one believes that our society is in trouble or not, education must continue to prepare students to be functional, academically and morally, in our democratic society. Education must not forget that administrators and teachers are role-models. For many students, this is the only source of adult guidance they will see.
The community and the school district are both equal stake holders in the education process. The primary relationship they must share is the vision that all students can learn at higher levels. Community and school policy must support ongoing improvements, high student academic and moral standards. Education's connection to social services and public, political, business involvement is essential.

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