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College Admissions

Before entering the college, every applicant has to write the specific essay that shows the general and subject knowledge, writing skills and logical thinking of the future students. It’s important to be well-prepared to this test. Download our essays for free and get more ideas for your own college admission.

College Admissions Essays:


How to Combine Work and Travel during an Internship?

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How to Combine Work and Travel during an Internship? - 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

An internship is the key to learn different elements and to discover the factors that you may interested and it is required in any field everywhere.It is a good opportunity to get real experience in learning and discovery for satisfactory skills and to grasp your foot in the door.
Best opportunity to immerse yourself in a local community
An internship is a tool to provide positive change along with gaining experience of the particular field. There are many right internshiporganizationswhich provideopportunitiesfor employee to work and travel, they provide an opportunity to gain valuable study and working experience and too immersed in the vibrant culture in foreign countries,to make sustainable impact and transform their own cultural competency.
Work and travel-An exciting opportunity to explore the world
Initially you have decided is what type of internship abroad you are interested in joining off. The online platform responsibly to help students across the globe toproceed and develop their career journey. It'sprimarily focusedis to build confidence and skills and makes open your heart and eyes that how the world lives, interact the people and endures for a successful life.
Work and travel during internship helps you to develop bright career
Internship and travelling abroad is tremendously popular among the young age people. Hence it is mandatory to search for right leading organizations that provide effective interns programs. If you hire wrong internship organization ultimately you are going to suffer.
Candidates, who lack information, need any help, or with any confusion in their mind they can dig out their solution by expressing their interest in the particular internship program.

On Dreams

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“[A dream is the] royal road to the unconscious.” –Sigmund Freud. Dreams are occasionally seen as projections of parts of oneself that have been ignored, rejected, or suppressed. Charlotte Brontё’s Jane Eyre contains a number of significant dreams. Jane’s dreams serve to foreshadow and caution of future events and to epitomize several noteworthy moments and emotions in her life.
When she is only six years old, Jane overhears Bessie tell Abbot that “to dream of children was a sure sign of trouble, either to one’s self or one’s own kin” (p. 235). Jane accepts Bessie’s words as true, most likely because the day after Bessie dreamt of a child, she discovered that her sister was dead. One night in Thornfield, Jane dreams of children and awakens to the murderous cries of Bertha Mason. On the following day, Jane finds out that her malicious cousin John has committed suicide and her Aunt Reed lies on her deathbed after suffering through a stroke. Children continue to plague Jane’s dreams: after she becomes engaged to Mr. Rochester, Jane experiences two symbolic dreams involving children. In the first, she is “burdened with the charge of a little child” (p 303) on an unidentified road while Rochester walks ahead. She tries to catch up to him but her steps are slowed and Rochester “withdrew farther and farther away” (p. 303). The barrier in this dream represents the Rochester’s preexisting marriage to Bertha Mason, a significant fact that legally prevents their marital union. Rochester withdrawing from Jane forewarns of his inevitable separation from Jane. In the second, Jane dreams “that Thornfield [is] a dreary ruin” (p. 304). She wanders around the estate while carrying the unknown child from the previous dream because she “might not lay it down anywhere , however tired [are her] arms—however much its weight [impedes her] progress” (p. 304). As she climbs a wall to get a better view of Rochester, “the child clung round [her] neck in terror, and almost strangled [her]” (p. 304). When she finally reaches the top of the wall, Rochester seems to vanish, the wall collapses, and she and the baby fall as she wakes. Again, in accordance to Bessie’s prophecy, dreaming of children brings trouble. The second dream foreshadows impediments to the marriage of Jane and Rochester.

Why Music Important in Curriculum

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Why Music Important in Curriculum - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Music can contribute too many different factors, these can be sub-divided into categories such as:-
• Social Development
• Cultural Understanding
• Physical Development
• Personal Development

Their social development can be improved by the class learning together in groups. This would encourage them to share and exchange ideas, and perhaps be critical or positive towards them. It also exposes the child to other people’s thoughts and opinions, as well as their emotions, allowing the child’s emotional awareness of themselves and others to progress. This can lead to more extensive communication between children thus enhancing their social skills.

A child’s cultural understanding can come from many sources like listening to foreign music. This can enlighten a child, opening new doors to different styles of culture and music from around the world. It stimulates the brain and makes the child wonder, why there is a difference between music from different cultures, and how those differences came to exist? This can help in other subjects such as RE, History and Geography, depending on the child’s individual interest in the topic (QCDA, 1999). Listening to music from other cultures broadens the child’s musical knowledge and exposure. This can help in later life, for example if organising a social gathering the choice of music would be paramount to the tone of the evening.

The physical development of a child can be enriched by music through the teaching of rhythm which is vital if the child is to play an instrument and dance in time to a piece of music. Being able to play an instrument enables a child to exercise their musical talent and brain, opening doors to possibilities like joining a band or orchestra which would encourage socialising. It would also enable a child to emotionally express themselves and escape any day to day stresses. There are organisations to help with child stress, which uses music and dance as a release of their emotions. (MENC, 2002)

Write a profile of anti-war movement and explain how it created a popular culture

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The Vietnam War had an impact on the American people that will not soon be forgotten. During this period of time America was facing many serious challenges all at once these casualties would one day show the world what it would become. Americans were at war fighting for freedom and democracy because supposedly Vietnam was a communist ruled country. The fact of the matter is the American people were lied to and eventually it lead to an opposition in people’s opinions. It was the young American crowd who stood up to voice their opinions concerning this meaningless war and created an antiwar popular culture whose ideology has continued to have a profound impact on American society up to the present day.
Due to the opposition towards Vietnam War, there were a number of demonstrations, particularly among students, calling for the US to end its involvement in Vietnam between 1963-1965. However, it was in 1965 that these demonstrations escalated, when President Johnson ordered massive U.S. military intervention and the sustained bombing of North Vietnam. ""teach-ins"" whose campaign composed of University Faculties attempting to help people understand the issues that political leaders refused to discuss, and to create awareness of the extent of the war and the number of American men and Vietnamese citizens dying each day. Student for Democratic Society (SDS) organized the first national antiwar demonstration in Washington, which consisted of 20,000 people. Also, it was with these acts that the anti-Vietnam movement gained the attention of the American press.

Groups and Teams

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What is a group? What is a team? A group is persons or objects put together. It’s a set of things that have regular contact. You can find groups for plenty of activities. For example, there are badminton groups, AA groups, senior citizen groups, ect. A team is similar but it’s a group on the same side, as in a game. It is a group organized to work together as a team. For example, the group that we formed at school is the team that I am in; we do our team paper assignments together. We work as a team to get our work done and turned in on time. Groups and teams are similar. What is diversity? Diversity is defined as understanding, accepting, valuing, and celebrating the differences among people. Age, class, ethnicity, gender, race, deal with diversity. Team dynamics relates to diversity in the workplace in a few ways. (Ferrer-chancy,2009).
The differences of a group and a team are similar, but they do signify different from each other. A team is more organized and work together to achieve assignments, missions, ect. A team has specific goals that they want to accomplish. They have to work together and communicate well. Communication is important in a team, because without communication the team will not be successful. A team usually has specific roles for each team member of the team. For example, whenever we have a team paper that’s due we have to communicate well in order to fulfill the task and the deadline of the paper. Each team member gets a section of the paper to work on, and they are required to turn in their part to the team leader. At the end the team leader will gather every team members paper through email, than he or she will put it together. All this work requires communication thru texting, calling, or even meeting up with the group to get assignments accomplished. It takes time and effort to have a successful team. A group on the other hand is more of a collection of people with something in common. It can be such as being in the same place or having a shared interest. For example, a group of people waiting in line for the same purpose so they can all vote. (Ferrer-chancy,2009).

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