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How to get a scholarship in German Universities

The majority of students worried about the financing of their studies, and yet when it comes to the notion of getting a scholarship, most students brush it off as an improbable possibility. In general, many prospective students hold the feeling there is little to no possibility of financial support. Even gifted students in Germany think it is impossible to obtain financial support. Scholarships are hard to get, and are highly sought after, but you have just as much chance of getting one as the next person.

Getting a scholarship requires planning and research

If you are thinking of looking into a scholarship then this article will help you. A scholarship is financial aid for a student that does not have to be repaid. This makes it the best source of funding by any students measure of opinion.
In addition, a scholarship is a career component. Companies look favourably upon students who are given a scholarship. It looks extremely good on your resume if you were promoted and paid for by a third party committee. Scholarships are awarded by to encourage young talent and are given by foundations, companies, universities and other institutions.

Getting good grades counts
One component to getting your scholarship is through good grades. Good grades are very important to many sellers. In addition the students must promote powerful level of confidence and maturity. There are, however, some unknown programs that support the students are who are the most committed - even if their grades are not up to the highest standards.
It is quite possible to get a scholarship, even if you do not belong to the best class of student (high grades and beloved). There are also political, social, and/or other criteria with which you may be awarded a scholarship.

1% is academically gifted and supported
Almost one percent of students in Germany are supported because they are academically gifted. Some are as young as the age of twelve. The foundations of such support are close to a political party or church, but there are also the non-denominational and politically independent groups that support students such as the German National Merit Foundation.

A private scholarship
The idea of a private scholarship (paid by the private sector) is new to the scholarship landscape. The scholarship is financed by fifty percent by the federal government and fifty percent by private sponsors. These conveyors can be private businesses, foundations and alumni. The payout is given straight to the universities whom are also very considerate of acquiring potential financiers outside of the normal means.
Getting a foreign scholarship means asking your DAAD
The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) promotes international relations in higher education. For this reason the DAAD awards scholarships for students to study abroad, for graduate students, for interns, for young scientists and academics of all disciplines.

What support is available?
The benefits of the scholarships are different. The amounts involved may be composed of various items: Monthly support, book allowance, moral support in the form of seminars, as well as exclusive access to internships, good contacts in the economic, financial support from abroad, etc.

The scholarships varieties
There is virtually no scholarship, which does not exist. Very specialized scholarships are awarded by various suppliers. Including individuals, foundations, companies, universities and other providers can be found. There are, for example, travel grants for journalists, scholarships for the German-Japanese cultural exchange, support for students in distress and funds for working visits, etc.

Where do I start?
Try the scholarship database of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Try the database e-fellows: The Scholarship database of lists hundreds of scholarships from hundreds of different providers. has over a thousand funding offers and over thirty application criteria.

How do I apply?
Again, it depends on where you are applying and their method of application and choosing. Usually a written application is required, sometimes you have to first be nominated by a faculty officially as a candidate.

Where is your best resource?
The school you are at should have some details. Failing that--you should pick a University or college that you are interested in and enquire with them. They often court many different types of scholarship and should have some details about where you can begin the process of application.

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