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10 Ways to Make Lessons Interesting and Fun

From students, to teachers, everyone accepts the fact that lessons are not the least interesting. Even a nerd knows that interest lies in scoring grades then only and sitting through lessons is boring for all students as they tend to doze off in their own thoughts. Other than the student's view about lessons, the basic burden is on the teachers. The teacher has to make an extra effort to gain the attention of the students and keep them concentrated in the subject. The focus of the students seems crucial for teachers to deliver a successful lecture.

Teachers might add a few class activities in order to get the students involved in the subject. Group activities, presentations etc. all help in gaining attention of students and watching him or her take part in class activities. Following are 10 ways to make lessons interesting and fun.


Fill the communication gap
With each year passing, you receive a new class. So to deal with the changing classes each year, you should modify your teaching approach to fit in comfortably and fill that communication gap which you might feel exists between your class and you. Be an open-minded person dealing with children, considering their age and maturity.

Find your lectures in the interests of your students
Use examples from movies or television series or something really in with the students. Basically come down to their level and carry discussions regarding current affairs so that they have an equal say in the conversation.

Keep a check on the interest of your students
Conduct a regular question and answer round at the mid of each lesson. Notice the relatively more appealing topic to them and talk to them more about it. Get their concentration and force them to express their opinions about it.

Assign group projects or presentations
Assign some pros or poems or papers to read. Articles could be discussed on daily basis grouping, may be allowed. Its normal if the students group themselves, be lenient with them as long as they are producing something. But show them your mean face as soon as they become sluggish about their work.

Use electronic media
There is always that possibility of using electronic media to interpret your opinion to others. You could have the students run researches regarding interesting facts. Tell them to look up a quotation, poem etc. each day that may relate to the lecture you delivered so that it may be discussed the next day.

Use slide shows
Another interactive way of studying with fun may be with the help of slide shows. This is a favorite of students as well as teachers. Grade these slide shows and tell them that this grade would be included in the finals so that they would put in some effort; hence, they would end up learning. Power point presentations focus on audio and visualized learning.

Create a competitive atmosphere
A teacher knows that a class is made up of many characters. Each having a different opinion about most of the things. Understanding such a situation, the teacher must take advantage of the situation and create a competitive atmosphere for the students. Conduct debates in the classroom to develop confidence among the students as many listeners will pick up useful points.

Allow the students to perform
Allow the students to perform skits in the classroom. Tell them to look up plays or right down their own scripts, assign characters and produce a wonderful production. A skit may be performed on almost any topic, from cultural history, to geographical studies, languages and science subjects etc.

Award to encourage
Children will always be children. Award them prizes to encourage them to fight for better grades. It is human nature that a man is inspired to strive for something which holds a reward for him. After each exam or every assignment, keep small gifts like chocolates, pens, apples etc. to get the students to work hard and concentrate on their lessons.

Start a questioning session
Another activity that makes a classroom fun is to stop at the middle of the lecture to start a questioning session. But with a twist, ask students to question each other to check the level of interest of each participating student. In this way out of friendship or rivalry, everyone will participate.

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