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10 tips to make your lesson interesting and fun

Being a teacher is hard. There's no doubt about that. You are responsible for around 30 students on both their education and their attitude towards school. Secondary school students are easily distracted and bored, so you need to adopt certain methods to get them to pay attention and not go onto Facebook with their smartphones under the desk. You need to be stimulating as well as informative, and most importantly you need to gain your students' respect. Secondary school students in particular learn better if they feel like their teacher is worth their salt. They focus more and actually want to listen. So how do you make them listen to you? Be interesting and fun.

But it's easier said than done. Teaching is no easy job, but if you're having some real troubles try following some of these 10 tips to make your lesson interesting and fun.

Try implementing tactile learning

It's also known as kinaesthetic learning. This works particularly well with boys, who much prefer hands-on approaches towards learning than sitting at their desk with a bunch of papers in front of them.

For example, if you're a biology teacher and trying to explain the nitrogen cycle, make it more fun by making it interactive. Try getting your students to BE elements of the nitrogen cycle around the classroom with signs, and get others to walk to and around them so they can visually see the links between the processes.

Be energetic and excited about the school work yourself

Monkey see monkey do. If you show enthusiasm for the work, it'll rub off on your students. Even if the topic is super boring, you can spice it up by saying how important this lesson is and how exciting it is once you understand it.

And don't be afraid to be tongue-in-cheek about it! In any case, the students would hopefully just be in a better mood and find it sweet that their teacher loves their subject so much.

Use music

This won't always work, mind you. Making up raps and sing-along songs to learn passages from religious texts or grammar rules is, frankly put, naff. However, things like the well known periodic table song 'The Elements' by Tom Lehrer is hilarious and (relatively) informative. Songs and ditties like this get students in the mood for learning the subject at hand.

Use videos

Popular culture music and videos can also help start the lesson in a fun and interesting way. E.g. for physics classes, using a short clip from The Big Bang Theory (American comedy about physicists) is a great way to start off any soon-to-be-dull physics lesson.

Turn your lessons into games

Playing games is a great way to challenge your students. Games are fun and incorporate a level of competition and focus.

Tell short stories

Telling anecdotes or interesting stories you've heard of or about something that's happened to you, and is relevant to the subject, will make your students pay attention. By getting a little bit personal and slightly unconventional will make lessons fun and interesting.

Go outside

If the weather allows it, try having a lesson outside. This is particularly good for English, geography or history classes where you don't need a laboratory, computers or a blackboard to do the lesson. Just take your books and pencil cases, sit on the grass and teach as normal!

Designate a day to do something different

This can be, every Friday you have communal snacks in the centre of the room; or a tin of biscuits and if a student answers a question correctly they get rewarded. Be creative and have your own personalised teaching style.

Dress up

For English literature classes, try bringing borrowing some costumes from the drama department and get your students to re-enact plays dressed up!

Listen to your students

This is the most important tip of them all. Ask your students what they think would be fun to do, and listen to them. If they say something unreasonable and silly, think of an alternative that still answers to their call.

E.g. if they say they want to go home, think about relocating the lesson elsewhere (like outside). Don't buckle under their demands, but find a balanced compromise.

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