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The Starry Night painting by Vincent Van Gogh is known to be one of the most sought after and replicated prints. There are several different aspects that intrigue those who view this print and one aspect in particular is that of the curving lines in the sky that create depth and a mirrored effect. Vincent Van Gough uses expressive lines in this painting that are loose and free. The expressive lines that Vincent Van Gough uses in his paintings have become his signature and in a sense it is his autograph on his paintings. Many people can distinguish Van Gough’s pieces from others because of the expressive lines that he uses. Sol Lewitt uses analytical lines in his paintings that can be recognizable as his signature like the expressive lines of Van Gough’s. The analytical lines that Sol LeWitt uses have a mathematical, rational, and logical organization with controlled and precise lines, whereas expressive lines that Van Gough uses are chaotic and imprecise lines. The use of the different types of lines might communicate that one artist (Vincent Van Gough) is more care free and relaxed with his view of the world, where as the other artist (Sol LeWitt) is more cautious and precise, maybe a little up tight with his view of the world.
Diego Velazquez’s Las Meninas, or The Maids of Honor painting is known to be a group portrait with ten people, and inside the group portrait is a self-portrait of himself (Diego Velazquez), a portrait of Infanta Margarita, and a reflection in the mirror of the King or Queen. Just as the mirror used to attract the viewer’s many illusionistic effects and visibility, is the formal qualities that Diego used to portray reflections from the outside view. These formal qualities do work together creating several different effects. Diego Velaquez really plays with space in this painting by adding many different focal points depth, dimensions, and light sources that create a three D effect with his space on the canvas. It seems like people are looking into the painting and each of the people in the painting are looking across at others, as well as looking out of the canvas to the viewers or the King and Queen. The three different light sources break up each focal point. The two main light sources are to the right of the painting shining in on the room and the people mingling and the third light source is the doorway in the back which deepens the painting.

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