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Urban type music, or what teens prefer to listen to

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Urban type music, or what teens prefer to listen to - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Music that people like listening to have a lot of choices about the category of it. Children like childish music, young people love both rock, pop, classic, folk, metal, hip hop, jazz music. Old people prefer old music of their generation & at last teens love urban music.

Now the question come towards us that what is an urban music? The answer is: "In da Club" is a solo urban music. It's artists are called rap artists. Talent is the main equipment of urban music. It influences the listeners. It is a predominantly reggae. Upbeat tunes are used in it. But there are some differences between urban and original reggae music. The main difference is the drums that are used in these types of music.

The most popular urban musicians are Sean Paul, Shaggy, Sean Kingston (he grew in Jamaica), Beenie Man, etc. They use scratching and mixing techniques in the songs. These techniques produce different renders in their music. Remixes are also used in urban music.

This music is continuing from the past to the present for leading the billboard charts. This is continuing according to GMA that is "Gospel Music Association". This is a yearly gathering of music artists, musicians, songwriters, media working people and all workers from the music industry. Every year 3000 people gather there. This is the main time and place to express urban music and musicians.

The Second Life of Folk Music

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The Second Life of Folk Music - 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Folk music collects not only old traditions and believes of our fathers but also the spirit of national mentality, its heritance and origins of the people.
But from the second part of the 20th century folk music got the second chance to exist. But modern musicians decided not to repeat old tunes but create something special that can bring back ancestors’ memories and bewitch new listeners.
At the edge of different directions in music folk rock, folk metal, folk pop, folk punk, alternative folk are becoming more and more popular. The musicians combine different genres, texts, melodies of folk songs making absolutely new compositions so loved with a lot of fans.
The tendency in this case is also to use folk musical instruments. It adds to the songs and tunes the special nuance that is so close to traditional folk music.
The revival of traditional folk music has started from the English-speaking countries and then this wave covered all world, all people that really appreciate their cultural heritance and want to involve other people in this process.
Besides traditional folk songs and tunes the traditional dances are also transformed in a new way. And after that all world has heard such names as Woody Guthrie, the Almanac Singers, Burl Ives, Odetta, Bob Dylan, Judy Collins, Mallicorne, Dave Alvin, Steve Earle and others.
The folk music revival is a great phenomenon that got its beginning from the last century and now it’s developing faster and faster. Since 20th century numerous folk festivals all over the world was spinning up.

Pugin and the Revival of Gothic Architecture

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Explore the themes of tradition and dissent in relation to the architecture and furnishings of the new Palace of Westminster.
The fire on October 16th 1834 which almost destroyed the Palace of Westminster provided not only the opportunity to build a new improved palace, but also the opportunity to re-establish our National Identity through an iconic landmark building, although the building of the New Palace was not without controversy.
A Royal committee was founded to commission the building of the New Palace. It was decided that an open competition would be run and architects were invited to submit their designs. The style of building was to be either 'Elizabethan’ or 'Gothic’. A heated debated followed over the proposed styles. The dominate style of architecture during this period, and the previous two centuries had been classical however such style now held negative connotations largely associated with ideals such as the French revolution. The palace had previously been remodelled prior to the fire of 1834. Sir John Soane had been responsible for remodelling the palace complex between 1824 and 1827. Soane’s alterations were also the subject of some controversy as they were 'classical’ in architectural style and as such conflicted with the buildings original 'Gothic’ style. Keen to distance themselves from negative imagery, the Royal committee chose 'Elizabethan’ and 'Gothic’ styles believing they were far safer options lending themselves to conservative values. In this respect we see 'dissent’ (being the new 'Gothic’ style) from an old 'tradition’ (being the 'classical’ style) moving forward and embracing an new era.

The Italian Renaissance

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Art was an important part of the Italian renaissance, where artists were using the “rebirth” of classical paintings. So towards the end of the Middle Ages, attitudes began to change, which was about the 1400s. The Romans were beginning to think about the world around them, instead of only thinking about the next life (Blashfield 47). Explorers such as Christopher Columbus wondered what lay across the oceans. Also Italian churchmen and scholars saw amazing ancient buildings all around them and took an interest in the classical world of Rome and Greece (Blashfield 47). This was also the period in which the Romans began to spend their money on beautiful buildings, sculpture, artwork, and scholarship. This also brought the idea of this period be called the “Renaissance” because of the “rebirth” of classical learning (Blashfield 47). This new concentration of wealth and power in the cities led to new configurations of the social class that had wide-ranging effects across the face of Europe during the Italian Renaissance (Italian Renaissance). So that meant what social class you were in decided on if you could afford the “new” founded wonders. In the Italian Renaissance society consisted of five classes in general, which varied in nature and number depending on which area of Italy you were in (Italian Renaissance). In the five classes that the society had, at the top were the hierarchies, who were the old nobility and the merchant class that had traditionally ruled the cities. Below them were the emergent capitalist and banker class that identified with the lower classes and wished to become as powerful as the top class. Below them were the less wealthy merchants and trades people and below them, were the poor and destitute that was made up of one fourth to one third of the urban population in Italy during the Renaissance. However even the poor and destitute had a class beneath them, which were the domestic slaves, though few in numbers, they represent the first attempts by post-classical European society to institute slavery as an economic practice (Italian Renaissance).

Platoon: Movie Review

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Platoon is a war film written and directed by Oliver Stone. It is based upon Oliver Stone’s experience as an infantryman in Vietnam. The Theme of the film is the struggle for Chris’ soul, played by Charlie Sheen. The battle for his soul is between the two platoon leaders Sergeant Barnes and Sergeant Elias. Sergeant Barnes is seen as a brutal and unethical person, but the platoon depends on him for their survival and his leadership abilities. While on the other hand Sergeant Elias is a caring person, but he is also a strong leader, even though it seems he is against the war in Vietnam.
The movie was both praised and criticized by the critics, mainly because of its presentation of the brutal violence seen during the movie, depicting the war. Also the moral ambiguity created by the realities of the guerilla war the men were fighting. “Platoon,” portrays the U.S. soldiers as violent and indiscriminate killers fueled by rage, from being surrounded by the death of their friends. Much of the soldier’s anger is seen taken out on the Vietnamese villagers. Where in a scene Chris is seen losing his temper with a villager for not coming out from hiding, he yells, and shoots at him to scare the villager but then can’t go through with killing him, this is when a soldier nicknamed, “Bunny,” beats the man to death with his gun.
This scene is just one of the many controversial aspects of the war that the movie shows. There is a scene in a bunker where some of the men are seen drinking and doing drugs, portraying another, “bad,” side of the war. Other scenes show the horrible treatment of the new guys or “FNGs,” as well as the deliberate killings of unpopular officers within the platoon.

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